to koutouki
Since 1974 we've been cooking home-made delicious meals. Open from noon, all week.
Lovely garden for dew in the summer. And delivery.
We propose
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... we always take care to come up with many delicious options for you, every day
...απολαυστικά πιάτα ημέρας από το μεσημέρι έως το βράδυ
...γευστική θαλπωρή σε αγαπημένες συνταγές
From the few classic taverns that are left with delicious cooked food. Excellent garden, with nice coolness for the summer!
Excellent service, and very tasty cuisine. Variety of dishes. Prices are very good.
Amazing food and warm environment. Courtesy and respect for the customer!
We carry it on together with our 45-year philosophy to serve delicious food and generous portions.